The name of this spice is actually confusing. It is not a type of pepper at all, but it is the berries of a tree that is completely unrelated to the pepper. The spherical fruits of 4 to 5 millimeters grow in dense bunches of hundreds of berries. After harvesting, they are dried in the sun. Instead of the real, ‘expensive’ pink pepper, the pink peppercorns are more often used in the form of a mix like the 4 season mix. That is where the confusion comes from. The berries therefore also have a completely different flavour. They are not spicy but have a warm aromatic, somewhat sweet taste. At best one could say that they have a very slightly spicy taste. Only as far as the size and shape are concerned, this pink variety resembles peppercorns.

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Pink peppers are usually used whole in dishes, or at best very coarsely ground. The berries have a very mild taste and for that reason it is important to use them in a dish that contains no or hardly any other herbs or spices. This may in fact completely dominate the mild taste of the pink pepper. The slightly sweet taste is ideal for fish and meat dishes. In a fish soup, the berries do a perfect job. In addition, because of its slightly citrus-like aroma, you can use the spice in desserts, especially when they consist of fruit or ice cream.

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